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Wedding guest : which suit to choose ?

Wedding guest : which suit to choose ?


How to dress when you are invited to a wedding to avoid stealing the spotlight from the groom 

Although weddings are one of the oldest traditions, many of us find ourselves confused when it comes to choosing what to wear. A good compromise will be to find an outfit that is neither too casual nor too sophisticated to avoid stealing the spotlight from the groom. Together we will look at the dress code to follow and some tips on how to dress when you are invited to a wedding:


The invitation card probably holds all the clues as to what you should wear on the day of the ceremony. Be careful when reading it to make sure you don’t make a mistake. Let’s see right away, according to the requirements of the wedding announcement, which type of wedding suit to choose :

The bespoke dinner jacket is the cornerstone of a man’s wedding wardrobe. Although customs and conventions have evolved over time, the “Black Tie” outfit remains the standard for formal dress for contemporary weddings. It is therefore essential to do things right :


D inner jacket: here, the dinner jacket will be black, navy blue or white (only if you are told so). The jacket will have to have its lapels made of satin or a slightly more textured fabric texturé (always with a slightly shiny look). The lapels will be notched or shawl shaped (rounded) and no slits for the jacket.

S hirts with collars and flaps are generally more suitable than shirts with broken collars, which are more suitable for evening wear (White Tie). You can opt for a shirt with a bib and their respective buttons. The fabric may have pleats on the bib for a bit more fantasy.

As for the trousers, they will have a strip of the same composition as the fabric on the lapels, located along the outer seam. Also avoid belts with a visible buckle.

S Shoes: Simplicity is the key here. Choose black patent shoes with leather laces in the same colour.


L et’s start with the bow tie which is a must for this outfit. Try to choose a fabric that looks similar to the lapels of the dinner jacket (silk, satin silk, velvet).

Y You can then choose to wear a cummerbund (a wide black fabric belt with the pleats pointing upwards) and a waistcoat which add a little more sophistication, but nothing is compulsory here.

S hirts with collars and flaps are generally more appropriate than shirts with broken collars, which are usually reserved for evening wear (White Tie). You can opt for a shirt with a bib and their respective buttons. The fabric may have pleats on the bib for a bit more fantasy.

L astly, put on a nice pair of cufflinks and if you want to stand out a little more from the crowd: a suit pocket (white if possible) and an elegant silk scarf.Semi-formal” outfit.

Semi-formal dress is nowadays the most popular item on wedding invitations. As the name suggests, the dress code here is more casual than a dinner jacket, but far from casual all the same. It is more reminiscent of an elegant, sophisticated and neat wardrobe, but not as dressy as the dinner jacket..

  • The suit :A dark suit is the basis of a semi-formal style. Black, navy blue and charcoal grey are all acceptable options.
  • The shirt :Stick to the essentials. It’s hard to go wrong with a solid colour, but you may also be able to test subtle patterns. Either way, make sure the shirt is clean and ironed.
  • Shoes: Your shoes should also be “dressed”, but don’t wear patent leather models, which should be reserved for the dinner jacket. Richelieus are a good choice for a semi-formal outfit, as well as Monks that can be worn for something a little bolder. Whatever you choose, make sure your shoes are clean and well shined.
  • Accessories: although the word “formal” is in this type of outfit, it still leaves some room for creativity and interpretation. Small personal touches are welcome, but must remain conservative. Don’t make the mistake of “outclassing” yourself in relation to the other people invited to the ceremony.Cocktail” outfit.

As we move down the scale of formality, you can take more stylistic liberties with this type of outfit, but for a cocktail outfit, we advise you to choose it according to the season and the time of day. Suits with a heavy fabric (wool) will be more appropriate for the winter season, while lighter materials (wool/cotton mix, linen) will be preferred for the summer period.

If the wedding takes place at night and in the evening, try to select darker pieces (navy blue, charcoal grey) and prefer lighter fabrics for a daytime wedding.

If the slightest doubt crosses your mind, do not hesitate to ask your guests for the most suitable outfit for their wedding. This is the best way not to make a mistake.

  • The suit: Here you can choose a suit with a slim fit. You can also venture into less common colours, such as burgundy or with original (but still discreet) patterns.
  • The shirt: follow the same rules as for semi-formal wear, and if your shirt has patterns, make sure your suit is plain and vice versa.
  • Accessories :A tie is always a must. You can play with patterns and colours and still keep it classic. The suit pocket will be more original. The cocktail outfit is indeed ideal for wearing a more daring clutch bag that you can wear without a tie.
  • Shoes: the same principle here as for the semi-formal outfit. You can also try moccasins, but keep in mind that they must be quite chic all the same. CONCLUSION Unfortunately, there is no versatile outfit that could suit all situations. If nothing specific is mentioned on the invitation, try to find other clues:

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